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So you got a music video and the first thing you do is put it on youtube and hope somebody discover you
Why leave your career to chances. Regulus Films has partnered with a Network distribution company to take your career to the next level. Regulus now provide indie artist a way to place your music videos on the same platform as major Artist. This service is a free service that we provide right now, yes FREE!!! We do not know how long we will be providing this service but what we do know is we are the only company that is providing such an elite service. You can not afford to not do this! All you have to do is simply call us and send us your video youtube links and thats it. One of our professional industry professional will review your video and if it meets certain criteria’s then you will receive a email with all the information on when it will air and on what network. If your video is not chosen to be placed on Tv don’t worry we still have 100’s of club promoters dj’s and other industry professional that will still see your video on our site and you may get called for paid shows, interviews and so many other opportunities that you would not normally have had the chance to take advantage of. You can think of us as youtube for only music videos. Mtv was extremely popular back in the days before all the reality shows and crap that is out now so we have decided to bring music back to where it was but with the internet your chances of being seen are almost guaranteed but who will see you and will it give you the chance make it in this competitive industry is up to you. You tube is a great tool and some artist has been discovered with this but youtube is over saturated with every kind of video from apple pie making to people swimming in a pool with a extension cord hanging above the pool. While this is very entertaining as an artist your video is lost amongst the hundreds of millions of randomness out there. Let us help you take your career to the next level.

Free worldwide video placement, TV and Internet…All music genres
If youve got talent, original music and a quality produced music video contact us Via Email With the subject line: Music Video Submission
Its free! Get the attention you deserve

What can we do for you?

We are the next-generation music video service with the largest library of music videos anywhere! Regulus Films with its media partners has created a video destination unlike any other that is currently in the market place today and revamping the way people watch and connect with music videos. Our Goal is to Introduce a truly unique viewing experience that seamlessly incorporates 4 genre-specific TV channels and 100+ digital music video channels curated by music experts.
Our Strategy: Create the one and all go-to destination for music fans and enthusiasts alike, on- air, on-line, on mobile, and connected TV. Get more fans to desired content faster and with fewer to no hassles.
The Main Difference when going through Regulus films: With a continuous stream of music 24/7 and curated content by our media partner experts ,Regulus will get you into a digital system that makes watching music videos easier than ever before by providing a continuous play experience.
Also offering a Artist Spotlight package to take your music career to a level that is next to impossible to reach on your own.

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