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You may see our videos on other sites so if you do please let us know! All of the videos that you see Tagged with the video as directed by Regulus Films are the intellectual property of Regulus Films and We Directed the videos. Please be cautious when you see our videos on other sites- people are always trying to make money off of us. If you did not Speak to Gary then your not speaking to REGULUS FILMS! For your next OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO call Regulus Films and make sure WE are who WE say WE are!!!!

David- Learning The Blues (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dmage Ft:Paulo-Boa Vibe(Director:Mr.Brown/Antwan Smith)

Hannah- Lights Out(Director:Mr.Brown)

DMX Ya Dig- Directors Cut (Director:Mr.Brown/ Daniel Zlotin)

Dave Wayne/ Guy Like Me (Director:Mr.Brown)

Kal/What I need Is Love(Director:Mr.Brown)

Afida Turner/ Born An Angel (Director:Mr.Brown)

Stylez/Employer (Director:Mr.Brown)

CHIZMAC/That Action(Director:Mr.Brown)


Peter G/ Too Much (Director:Mr.Brown)

Sy’Rai / Good Time (Director:Mr.Brown)

Directed by Our Tier 3 Cinematographer’s

Robert Wayne / All In (Director:Mr.Brown)

Prinz / The One (Director:Mr.Brown)

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Music Video Production