Music Video Production

Directed by Our Tier 3 Cinematographer’s

Directed by Our Tier 3 Cinematographer’s

(Directed by:Bobby K) Our Tier 2 Cinematographer’s

(Directed by:Bobby K) Our Tier 2 Cinematographer’s

Zaena/ Come Get It (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dave Wayne/ Guy Like Me (Director:Mr.Brown)

Joe Squires /Come Home (Director:Mr.Brown)

JR Pinchers Fet.Amanda /Strong Temptation (Director:Mr.Brown)

Ysimonis /Donald Duck (Director:Mr.Brown)

Cristian Tyler /I’m Just Tryna Chill (Director:Mr.Brown)

Feruz Gebremeskel /Nebaat Tesaeru (Director:Mr.Brown)

10000 Problemes/ Love et La Difference (Director:Mr.Brown)

Cynthia Basinet / Santa Baby (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dzo / Editor:Regulus Films (Director:Matthew H)

Kyle Hill / Loyalty (Director:Mr.Brown)

Evelyn-Haitian music (Director:Mr.Brown)

Anya Alexandria/ Tears Fall Now (Director:Mr.Brown)

Tristan Dylan/ Turn Me On (Director:Mr.Brown)

JR Pincher/ NeckBreaker (Director:Mr.Brown)

HZONE-Kopiko (Director:Mr.Brown)

EL HUERTAZ- Conmigo Quiere (Director:Mr.Brown)

SKTHADON- TOP (Director:Mr.Brown)

HZONE- Oluwa (Director:Mr.Brown)

Jovans- Padon (Director:Mr.Brown)

I.K.P- Hunt Me Down (Director:Mr.Brown)

Tracy Randall It Feels Good (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dave Wayne-Dusk Til Dawn (Director:Mr.Brown)

Tony OJO/The Gentlemen- I WONI (Director:Mr.Brown)

Kyle Hill- 100 MPH (Director:Regulus Films)

Tristan Dylan- Let Me Be Your B*tch (Director:Regulus Films)

PJ Illy-Hating On Me (Director:Regulus Films)

Crenshaw- Yes I’m Is (Director:Regulus Films)

DZO-luna llena (Director:Regulus Films)

>Sharp -BIZ (Director:Regulus Films)

J. Peguero fet Trina-Turnt Up (Director:Regulus Films)

EMMERSON ft. TIMAYA – SWEET PALM WINE (Director:Regulus Films)

Jr. Pinchers-Japanese girl (Director:Regulus Films)

Jay Peguero-Drop it- (Director:Regulus Films)

Segarra feat.Busta Rhymes-5150. (D.O.P: Wa) Regulus Films production company for the miami set

ASFA-Not The Life (Director:Regulus Films)

Hefla Nyah- Facebook Girls (Director:Regulus Films)

J.Peguero- GO Official Video (Director:Regulus Films)

ASFA-Mother I (Director:Regulus Films)

Hunny B- Jack (Director:Regulus Films)

Music Video Production