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Color Grading

Thank you for visiting our site! Here in this section you will find just a few examples of some color grading that we can provide to you to give your videos that extra punch! Did you know there is a difference between color correction and color grading? Color correction is usually done first. This is because raw footage ” lets say from a RED Camera” tends to be over-saturated therefore the colors need to be balanced out first. The process of color correcting does just that, by making sure all the footage looks exactly the way that the human eye sees things. If the white and black levels match what the human eye normally sees as white and black, then the other colors should be balanced as a result.

Color grading is the next step and this is where the colorist creates the actual mood of your video. Keep in mind that this is a optional process, especially if your video is meant to be a realistic but with that being said, the right color grading done by the right person does help convey the visual mood and to heighten the narrative of your video. Call us today and ask us how we can help bring your video to life! 786-429-4511

Miami video production Miami video production

Miami video production Miami video production

Miami video production Miami video production

Miami video production    Miami video production

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