Music video Examples

Here you will find examples of our work. Also you will see the creativity that we bring to each production. If you like a particular video please let us know. Regulus Films takes each production seriously and you will see this in our work ethic.  You get the same look of main stream artist but at a fraction of the cost. A lot of our competitors do not like our prices. It happens because it breaks the cycle of overcharging clients. We here at Regulus Films do not overcharge clients who are looking to get a video done. This is the reason why we stay much busier than others.

Cover Song(Director:Mr.Brown)

Doble/ Pensamiento (Director:Mr.Brown)

Oshun/ Ju Money (Director:Mr.Brown)

Ackua- (Producer/Miami Director:Mr.Brown)

Luna/ Run This Town (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dave Wayne/ Guy Like Me (Director:Mr.Brown)

Dmage Ft:Paulo-Boa Vibe(Director:Mr.Brown)

Laady J/ Bussit (Director:Mr.Brown)

King Rawstien & Trill/ 2 Times (Director:Mr.Brown)

Sleeze/ What You Like (Director:Mr.Brown)

Louis Archer/ Young Forever (Director:Mr.Brown)

X Shai/ By Any Means (Director:Mr.Brown)

T Hunt Fet Sammie (Director:Mr.Brown)

Kal/What I need Is Love(Director:Mr.Brown)

Hannah- Lights Out(Director:Mr.Brown)

Directed by Our Tier 3 Cinematographer Martin

Mark Stel-I Like(Director:Mr.Brown)

DMX Ya Dig- Directors Cut (Director:Mr.Brown/ Daniel Zlotin)

David- Learning The Blues (Director:Mr.Brown)

Afida Turner/ Born An Angel (Director:Mr.Brown)

Stylez/Employer (Director:Mr.Brown)

CHIZMAC/That Action(Director:Mr.Brown)


Peter G/ Too Much (Director:Mr.Brown)

Sy’Rai / Good Time (Director:Mr.Brown)

Robert Wayne / All In (Director:Mr.Brown)

Prinz / The One (Director:Mr.Brown)

Music Video

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