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Video Production Miami - Creating Memorable Video Stories

Backed by a team of creative directors from Log Angeles to the Netherlands, The Miami Studio transforms fresh ideas into compelling videos. Our stories connect perfectly with your audiences through emotional and meaningful messages.

We’re a commercial Miami video production agency, Florida offering a spectrum of creative and innovative services. Along with a strong presence in Miami, we’re also operational in New York, Georgia, LA, and Fort Lauderdale. We’re proud of our award-winning team of creative music video directors, script writers, editors and producers that ensure your video is completed with the highest levels of excellence at every stage.

Miami Video Production Studio

Regulus Films & Entertainment is one of the leading video production companies in Miami. Empowered by our strategy and planning skills, we’re able to chalk out the best Miami video production idea for your business. We’re not just a team of video producers, we’re real craftsmen of generating outstanding videos for every ambitious and established brand, company, agency or individual. You can avail our breath of services, ranging from strategy and consultancy, every aspect of production, distribution and promotion. We also offer highly professional makeup services with our video shooting for most budgets. Our videographers have the ability to fit best-quality videos in any and every customer budget and time frame.

Uncompromised quality, unmatched perfection and unbeatable cinematic style give us the edge in our business.

Miami Video Production Experts

We strongly believe that it takes a team of professional video experts to create a beautiful production that engages your audience till the very last frame. We breathe life and creativity into technicalities and inspire your audiences with our captivating scripts, eye-catching visuals and innovative post-production styles.

We invite you to browse through our website and check out our varied range of videos to witness the kind of work we do. We constantly strive to make videos that perfectly showcase your brand in motion and communicate something sensational! We’re highly motivated, result-oriented and passionate individuals who deliver great corporate and music video productions at affordable prices.

We’ll be happy to add you to our list of delighted clients by offering great Miami video production services within your desired budgets. Feel free to get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote at 786-262-5972. You can hire us for Miami Video Production Services | Miami Video Production | Video Production Miami | Miami Video Company | Video Production Fort Lauderdale | Film Production Companies in Miami | Corporate Video Production Miami | Video Production Companies in Miami | Miami Film Production Companies | Music Video Production Miami | Best Video Companies in Miami | Miami Videographer | Miami Video Productions | Videographers in Miami



We offer a unique seven-day turnaround for the first draft of your video. If you’d like it faster, we can also expedite our services.


No matter how low or high your budget it, we can create the perfect video to match your needs.


Our team will understand your objectives and goals for the video production and ensure that they are fulfilled 100% at every stage.

On-Technical Expertise

You can trust our team of experts to embrace the latest technological advances in the industry, thus keeping your videos always relevant and current.

Miami's Video Production

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Our Philosophy

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Our Services

No matter what kind of video you need, our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with the technical expertise, valuable advice and friendly service required for the job. Our services span a wide spectrum of video planning, production, and post-production and ensure that every story we tell is full of compassion and honesty. Trust our Miami video production services to generate engagement and empathy, thus moving your viewers to take the desired action.

Embrace the Power of Video

Music video production
Corporate Video Production Miami - Music Video Production Miami

We offer corporate and music video productions anywhere across the United States and abroad. We support ambitious businesses to achieve their goals with high-quality corporate videos that deliver your message and create lasting engagements with internal and external audiences.

If you’re looking to create a striking music video that will become the latest sensation, trust us to exceed your expectations. In the age of YouTube and constantly growing music channels, it becomes imperative to create an innovative and exciting music video. We can help you with unique shooting ideas, fancy make-up and costumes and above all, a strong narrative thread for your song.

Whether you’re an advertising agency, a small business or a multi-national company, our team will assist you in your production right from concept to completion.


We understand the importance of choosing the right models, locations and props to create a mesmerizing video experience for your viewers. Hence, we work with some of the most talented and beautiful global models that enhance your video’s appeal. Also, we have easy access to prestigious yachts and mansions in the market that makes for excellent miami video production locations. Whatever you need to make your commercial or music video a success, The Miami Studio has got you covered!

Music video production program

Transform your events and conferences with our high-quality webcasting services that help you stream your event online to all your internet audiences. You can increase the reach of your event with live audiences, build stakeholder engagement and be assured that your webcast will look its best online. Our services have assisted various production companies, sporting events, churches, businesses and event organizers to stream their events in high-quality to their desired audiences.

Live Streaming

Using the latest in broadcast technology, our experts can launch live video streaming of your events or shows at the touch of a button. We transform your presentation or conference into an interactive session wherein your audiences can join in and watch it live on any internet-enabled device. Our TriCaster 40 includes pre-sets for some of the most common streaming profiles and can deliver in resolutions up to 720p.

Fast & Friendly Support

We’ve build our trust and reputation on our ability to understand and work according to our customers’ timelines and objectives. Our team is always ready to answer any queries and delivers results before you expect them. If you’re located anywhere outside the USA, you can always reach us through Skype on RegulusFilmz or just call us at 1 (786) 429-4511. Our customer service team will make sure you get the desired response within a short period of time.

Iron Man Avengers After Effects video production
Motion Graphics -

Eye-catching graphics can add a new life and dimension to your corporate and music videos. Backed by our experience in after-effects, Regulus Films can create powerful stories with a combination of animation, graphics, and live-action footage. Trust our experts to create compelling graphics for your video that deliver a final touch of elegance, innovation and a remarkable visual appeal!

After Effects

We use the hi-tech After Effects software to enhance the motion graphics and visual effects of your video. This gives us the freedom to animate, edit and compose media in 2D or 3D spaces. No matter what you imagine or visualize, we have the tools and techniques to make it a reality in your video!

Other Production Companies’ Best Kept Secret

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to be the go-to company for any kind of Miami video productions needs. In fact, a number of other production companies outsource their requirements on various occasions to Regulus Films. Due to our competitive pricing, on-time and on-budget delivery promise, we’re one of the preferred partners for any and every video requirement. This helps us eliminate competition in the industry and also gives us the opportunity to increase the base and experience of our work. We invite you to witness the many reasons why everyone considers Regulus Films for their production needs!

Miami Video Production Services
Inspiring Viewers Around the World to Take Action

We’re a high-end Miami video production studio that offers premium Miami video production services without a high-end price tag. If you run your own business, video promotions are one of the most interesting and exciting techniques to create a buzz about your products or services. Whether you want to increase your brand’s visibility in a cluttered marketplace, launch a new corporate identity or reintroduce a product or service with a new look, our compelling and engaging videos will deliver exceptional results!

Video marketing can help you interact with your customers at any time and any place with the advent of the internet. It also helps you spread word of mouth about your business and gain a competitive edge from your peers. Just creating a high-value production for your video isn’t enough. It must be able to build trust and recognition for your brand and leave a long-lasting impression on every viewer’s mind. We strategize your video marketing and promotions in a way that fulfills your marketing goals, boosts your sales and fosters relationships with your customers.


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Marketing your Video at the Right Time, to the Right Audience and on the Right Platform

In the age of DIY, many people are now trying to make videos themselves but the result falls short of creating a professional video. Plus, the process is not as easy as one would imagine and requires an in-depth knowledge of technical skills and software expertise along with a touch of creativity and innovation. Miami film production companies like Regulus Films are here to support you in all your video needs. Right from choosing the topic, determining the vision, showcasing a complex idea in a simple manner to sharing a laugh, we create your video just like you want it. From finalizing the concept to following it till completion, we believe that having a clear outline in mind ensures marketing success.

Our team will help you plan your marketing strategies and promote your videos on platforms like YouTube, where you can host your video for free and reach a global audience. Video marketing has been the key to success for many small and big businesses around the world. Millions of videos are being watched daily online and yours could definitely be one of them! Leverage these viewers by delivering high-quality video content on a regular basis and you will definitely have increased traffic and business.

To know more about how we can help you with your video marketing needs, feel free to call us or write to us!

Corporate Video Examples

The genres of corporate videos are varied and they are consistently evolving. You need to choose the right category that connects well with your audiences. To help you get started, we have shared the corporate video examples that reflect these genres in an engaging and beautiful manner. These examples exhibit the creative talent of our cinematographers. Our highly professional crew can effectively bring your brand values to life. And, it is represented by hundreds of videos that we have created till date. We can always recreate this magic for your story as well.

Music Video Examples

Here, we have presented our creativity in the form of outstanding music videos produced by our ingenious production teams. These inspiring masterpieces depict our fine attention to details. We’ve mastered the art of music video production and that reflects in these examples. An eclectic mix of motion graphics can enliven your ideas. If you like any of these videos, just let us know and we’ll restore the same creativity and innovation in your video without breaking your bank. Our work ethics make us the most trusted film company that believes in building long-term associations.


At Miami Studio, we believe in bringing the best talents of the production industry for your project. Here are the portfolios of our best models working on corporate videos,music videos, and business event productions. Explore our selection to choose a model that fits your requirements and contact us. We’ll check and arrange for their availability. For any more queries, we are always here to help you!

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Each completed project make Regulus a well known name in the industry. We are the product of our clients success.

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The Miami Studio is a place where art meets its destiny. Our work is our strength that drives us stronger. We have worked with the best talents in the industry and we strive to be the best production company for our clients. You can check out our portfolio to know more about our creativity and astute professionalism. For anyassistance, give us a call at 786-429-4511 and our producers will gladly guide you through!

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