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Our studio rental is great for our video shoots. We have multiple film sets and stage lights to choose from all at one location in Broward County.
Our film sets are perfect for music video shoots, indie films, and short films. We’re located near Miami and Fort Lauderdale.


Studio Rental
Whether you are filming a full-length movie shoot or a pilot TV show, you will be able to find a video studio rental that meets your needs at our studio production space. All our standing sets are professional-looking and clean. Each film set and music video location at our video production studio comes complete with full prop sets. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities located near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Once you’ve booked your film location rental you’ll be able to end your location scouting and move on to other important filming matters.


This film studio rental is crucial for any criminal justice film shoot. An interrogation room is a serious place to be. You will find that the video shoot locations at our film production studio appear exactly as you would imagine they should. The interrogation room has everything you would expect to see, such as a table and chairs, two-way mirror, and a solid, dark door. This film set rental always provides a grim environment for your police officers to interrogate suspects.


Hospital Room
Our medical film location rental has everything that is usually included in a standard doctor’s office. Whether your scene focuses on medical personnel or the patients, you will be provided with all the props and outfits to make the scene feel real. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic medical office, complete with medical equipment, informational posters, skeleton, and more. This video studio rental is valuable because it can be used in so many ways.


Locker Room
The locker room scene at our video production studio is one of our most versatile standing sets. This locker room could be located at a school, a gym, or a place of work such as a hospital, which makes it a great value when you are location scouting. Important dialogue is often the focus of these kinds of scenes, and our film set rental will not detract from the action taking place. It is a large, clean space that can be modified to fit your needs.


Police Station
Our police station is extremely detailed. This is another affordable rental at our film production studio that comes complete with everything you will need for your criminal justice scenes. It is suitable for a large team of investigators and cops and comes complete with a full prop set. When you are location scouting for your film you will want to check out this video studio rental. It comes complete with desks, chairs, corkboards, and more. It is another one of our authentic video shoot locations suitable for any kind of scene


Our prison video studio rental has a serious atmosphere and an authentically grim appearance. A prison cell is not a happy place to be. When you are holding criminals in your police or procedural law film, this is where you will want to keep them. When touring our facilities, make sure to view this film location rental so that you can see how perfectly it will work for your criminal justice film shoot.


A lot can happen in a classroom. Scenes can be dialogue heavy or contain a lot of action. You will find that our film studio rental is perfect for any kind of scene. This is another one of our most detailed standing sets, containing students’ desks, the teacher’s desk, chairs, blackboards, posters and more. You can utilize the brick wall to give the classroom an “old school” feeling. It’s a great film set rental with lots of variety.


Padded Room
Our padded room is a grim, rough place to be. That is exactly what this film location rental represents. Any scene having clinically ill patients behind bars will be dramatic and serious. Whether you are shooting a music video or a new episode for an indie film, this film shoot location will be perfect for holding your insane asylum patients.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby
A hotel lobby is the perfect film set rental for your music video shoot. This set gives an authentic portrayal of what it’s like in a hotel lobby. This film set rental has a grim atmosphere that will give your film shoot a professional feel. You will be able to use this set in many types of film shoots whether it’s for a music video shoot or an indie film.

Stage Lighting and Music Video Lighting

If you are scouting for a music video location in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, our film production studio also offers great video shoot locations with professional lighting and staging. Music video lighting can be brought to any off-site location in south Florida. We have programmable light props that you will love designing your video with. They set the scene for dancers and performers alike. Our film studio rental is perfect for any kind of videography and we will be able to help you with all your lighting needs. We offer programmable LED lighting that will transform your shoot into a real work of art. At Regulus Films we take care of your lighting arrangement to get the best shot for your shoot. Our studio rental location comes equipped with everything to make sure your project is a true success. Book one of our music video sets and add value to your music video production. We have cutting-edge lights, cameras, and sets in place for your video production shoot.

Overhead Setup

Tunnel Setup

V Setup

Wall Setup


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